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  1. About

    College Mission, Vision and Values Statement

    Dream Valley College provides innovative educational opportunities and student support services that lead to the successful completion of degrees, transfer, career/technical education and basic skills proficiency. The college fosters personal and professional success through the development of critical thinking, effective communication, creativity, and cultural awareness in a safe, accessible and affordable learning community. In meeting the needs of our demographically diverse student population, we embrace equity and accountability through measurable learning outcomes, ethical data-driven decisions and student achievement.

    Mission Objectives

    Dream Valley College is a safe, friendly, accessible environment where all students and community members may optimize their academic, career, and cultural development.

    As Dream Valley College continues to advance as a dynamic center for life-long learning, we will:

    • provide general, lower division coursework leading to an associate degree in the arts or the sciences
    • offer technological services and support for students, faculty, and staff;
    • deliver programs to improve basic math, reading, communication, and ESL skills;
    • grant opportunities for students to develop a global perspective through a curriculum with international and multicultural applications;
    • furnish support services for the intellectual and personal development of all Citrus College students, including opportunities to participate in campus governance;
    • foster a comprehensive and enriching program of extracurricular activities;
    • conduct community education programs that encourage learning at every stage of life;
    • award occupational certificates and degrees for career preparation and advancement;
    • administer customized training programs for business and industry;
    • increase career development support for students, faculty, and staff through career exploration,
    • counseling, job preparation, job opportunities, and academic and classified staff development;
    • collaborate with local high schools in articulation and curriculum development;
    • advance cultural and personal enrichment programs for the college and community members, and promote inter-collegiate competition opportunities for students.

    Vision Statement

    Dream Valley College will provide excellent educational opportunities that are responsive to the needs of the community and help students meet economic, social, and environmental challenges to become active participants in shaping the world of the future.


    1. Student Focus : Meeting community and student needs by creating an educational environment and culture so students can attain a variety of goals. 
    2. Excellence : Maintain a high standard of integrity and performance leading to the achievement of academic and professional goals. 
    3. Collaboration : Seeking input from all sectors of the college and the community. 
    4. Diversity : Fostering a learning community in which the values, goals, and learning styles of all students are recognized and supported. 
    5. Life-Long Learning : Serving enthusiastic, independent thinkers and learners striving for personal growth. 
    6. Integrity : Behaving ethically in all interactions at all levels. 
    7. Technological Advancement : Keeping pace with global technology trends and enhancing traditional instruction with technology to prepare students for success in the work place.